Vuslat Doğan Sabancı

Founder and President

Vuslat Doğan Sabancı is a distinguished leader in both civil society and business, recognized globally for her advocacy in human rights, gender equality, and freedom of expression. In 2020, she founded the Vuslat Foundation, where she currently serves as president.

Prior to establishing the foundation, Vuslat had a significant tenure at Hürriyet Publishing, Türkiye’s premier newspaper group, from 1996 to 2018. During her last decade there, she excelled as the Chair of the Board of Directors, transforming Hürriyet into the country’s top digital content provider. Under her leadership, the company also championed editorial policies that supported gender equality and minority rights. A notable initiative was the “No! To Domestic Violence” campaign launched in 2004, marking a pioneering effort to leverage media for impactful social change, particularly in empowering women.

Vuslat holds a Master’s degree in Media and Communications from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Bilkent University.