About Vuslat

At Vuslat Foundation, our mission is clear: to create a world where generous listening is not just a skill but a way of life.

Our story

Our journey began with a simple yet profound belief: that generous listening has the potential to reshape our world.

We embarked on this path with a commitment to fostering deeper connections, bridging divides, and nurturing empathy in the hearts of individuals and communities.

Our role

We can't achieve our goals on our own.

We work together with businesses, academia, and nonprofits, and each partner plays a specific and important role in accelerating progress.

Our vision and values

We envision a future where the act of truly hearing one another becomes a universal language, one that transcends borders and unites us in understanding.


We value the capacity to understand and share in the feelings of others. Through generous listening, we bridge divides and cultivate deeper connections.


We believe in the strength of partnerships. We collaborate with academia, civil society, and the private sector to advance our mission and to create a global culture of generous listening.


We are committed to generating knowledge and conducting research to explore the multifaceted dimensions of listening. Our dedication to learning drives us to develop innovative methodologies and tools.


We aspire to inspire individuals and communities to embrace the art of listening. Through awareness-building initiatives, we seek to spark a positive change in how we connect with one another.

Our team

At the Vuslat Foundation, our team comprises individuals who have excelled in various fields, from academia to civil society and the private sector. What unites us is our unwavering dedication to advancing the art of generous listening as a catalyst for positive change.

Our partners

At Vuslat Foundation, we understand that meaningful change and impact are often achieved through collaboration and shared vision. We are proud to introduce you to the diverse and dedicated partners who have joined us on our journey to promote generous listening as a global imperative.


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We'd love to have you make a difference with us at the Vuslat Foundation.